What is the Champ-Super Champ Circuit?

The Champ-Super Champ circuit tournaments are sanctioned tournaments for players who are qualified as a Champ or Super Champ player through the USTA. Super Champ players will receive Level-4 Standings points and Champ players will receive Level-2 Ranking Points. For more information regarding Standings points and Ranking Points please visit texas.usta.com.

Can I also play in DPTA circuit or novice?

No. The circuit and novice tournaments are for non-qualified players only.

Do I need a USTA membership?

Yes. USTA membership is required for all USTA sanctioned tournaments.

How much of the day will the tournament take?

Our Champ-Super Champ tournaments are 2 day tournaments (Saturday and Sunday). All match times will be posted the Tuesday before the tournament. No matches will start before 8am and will conclude by 6pm. Flexibility will be necessary.

Champ-Super Challenger - 2017 Tournament Schedule