What is the Novice Circuit?

The novice circuit is for the very unexperienced or first time tournament player. Its part of USTA Future Stars Circuit. Players must have less than 10 ZAT tournaments to be eligible. (No Champ or Super Champ players)

Can I also play in the regular DPTA circuit?

Yes, you may. We have found that the regular DPTA circuit has become very competitive and we wanted to give an opportunity to those just starting out. Players that will play in the Novice Circuit will have less than 10 ZAT points.

Do I need a USTA membership?

No. USTA membership is not required for the Novice Circuit.

How much of the day will the tournament take?

The tournament will be a one day event, depending on how many kids sign up. The individual tournaments will set up the time of the day the event will be. Approximate times will be posted on the signup page. Flexibility will be necessary.

Novice Circuit - 2017 Tournament Schedule